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       Lilash Equestrian

Leasing Opportunities

What does it mean to lease a horse?

The arrangement is essentially a formal rental agreement between an owner (Lilash Equestrian) and a rider (you) for a horse’s use. Leasing is an arrangement in which you pay either a fixed fee or a portion of the horse’s expenses in exchange for riding time on that horse. In the typical full lease, you take over all of the horse’s expenses and care responsibilities, and in a typical partial lease, Lilash Equestrian remains primarily responsible for these items. Leasing allows a rider to pursue equestrian interests without making a full-time commitment.

Why lease instead of buy?

The most common reason a person would lease a horse instead of buy one is that leasing allows you to experience the joys and responsibilities of horse ownership without actually having to buy a horse incurring a significant cost outlay, and without having to deal with certain liabilities. During your scheduled lease times, you will be responsible for grooming, riding and caring for the horse as if it were your own. A lease gives you a chance to hang out at the stable, get to know the other riders and get some much needed riding time in without the restrictions of formal lessons.

What is the difference between a full and part lease?

A full lease means that you are the only one riding and working with the horse, and you will typically have access to the horse six or seven days a week. You would treat the horse as if it were your own, and are responsible for basic veterinary and farrier care. It gives you a chance to see what these types of services will cost you when you do buy horse. A partial lease allows you access to the horse on set days of the week.

The full lease:

In the full lease situation, the lessee pays for all of the horse’s boarding costs in addition to routine farrier and veterinary care in return for being able to use the horse whenever you’d like. The full lease does not restrict riding times and days, and also does not restrict access to the horse for special events such as horse shows.

The part lease:

The share-lease situation is less expensive than leasing a horse completely, but still allows you 3 days per week to work the horse. In the part lease, boarding expenses are split, in exchange for the lessee to care and ride for the horse 50% of the time.

What costs are involved?

Part Lease – $150 - 200 per month.

Plus cost of lesson package, 1 day a week package ($120/month) or biweekly package ($60/month)

Full Lease – $250 - 300 per month.

Plus cost of lesson package, 1 day a week package ($120/month) or biweekly package ($60/month)

What kind of commitment is required?

Whether you decide on a full or part lease a minimum 6 month commitment is required.

Lilash Equestrian also requires that the lessee stay in a lesson program of a minimum of 1 lesson/week. (To improve the horse and rider combination and also to ensure the best fit and comfort for both)

What age or skill level is required to lease a horse?

If your child demonstrates a sustainable interest in horses and you find that weekly riding lessons do not provide enough “horse time” for your child, consider a full or part lease of a horse. For children under the age of 16 a parent must be present to help supervise with grooming and tacking up the horse and to keep an eye on the child when he/she is riding.

What are choices do I have in choosing a horse to lease?

Lilash Equestrian has many safe and suitable horses and ponies to lease.